District 2 Sign-up and Event Info


AMA District 2 will be coming back this year for the New Jersey Motocross Series. These races will primarily be held at NJMP Field of Dreams, and Raceway Park, with one race at Pagoda, and one race at Walden. See below for the schedule. Participates in District 2 Races who are a members of District 2 will compete for points, the winners will be invited to an end of the year award banquet.

AMA D-2 Series Schedule


District 2 Membership Form

To participate in District 2 races and receive points, print and fill out the form below.

Send all checks and membership form to:

District 2 Promoters Group
283 Newtons Corner Road
Howell, NJ 07731


New Jersey Motocross Series And Competition Card


District 2 Race Classes

50cc Stock (4-6) 250 Expert
50cc Stock (7-8) 250 Amateur
50cc Oil Injected/Shifter (4-8) 250 Novice
50cc Open (4-8) 450 Expert
65cc (7-9) 450 Amateur
65cc (10-11)  450 Novice
85cc (9-11) 25+ Vet Expert
85cc (12-15) 25+ Vet Amateur
Junior Mini 25+ Vet Novice
Super Mini 30+ Vet Expert
Schoolboy 1 30 + Vet Amateur
Schoolboy II 30 + Vet Novice
Collegeboy 40 + Senior Expert
Girls (9-13) 40 + Senior Amateur
Women (14+) 40+ Senior Novice
Open Two Stroke (14 & Up) 45 + Senior
250 (14 & Up) and 450 (16 & Up) Beginner Masters 50 +
65/85 (15 & Younger) Beginner Pit Bike (Mini Track)

Annual minor release form for racers:

The following release must be printed in color. If you cannot print in color, please contact the AMA at (614) 856-1900 and ask for the appropriate AMA riding or racing department. Then, request that original color forms to be sent to you via U.S. mail.

Minor Annual Release

This form can be submitted to the AMA to grant a Minor Release Pass for all AMA events.

Submit minor release form to:
Melody Tucker
Racing Administrative Assistant
American Motorcyclist Association
13515 Yarmouth Drive
Pickerington, OH 43147

For questions about the minor release form, call Melody at 614-856-1900 x1287.