Legends of AHRMA


Mike Mitrione
Multi time AHRMA National Champion
I raced a total of four (4) motos back in 1974 as a 125 amateur on a Bultaco. I was hooked, however college soon took me away from the sport, my interests changed and I left it all behind.
Fast forward to 2001 and the internet. I had not thrown a leg over a motorcycle in decades. For some odd reason I plugged “Bultaco” into the search engine and BOOOM. There they were and you could race the bike you left in your youth. I bought one Bultaco which over the years has turned into many, many bikes. I call vintage motocross reliving my youth in 3-D. I love it! The people in this sport are terrific as well which keeps bringing me back.
This season’s bikes
1963 250 Cotton Cobra: Very, very rare bike. Weighs a ton, True, early pioneer of two strokes in motocross.
1974 Suzuki TM 100: You might as well almost call it a mini bike. Lots of fun.
1974 Bultaco 360 Pursang: Open class weapon, Very light and handles well. The most reliable bikes I’ve ever owned. (I hope I did not jinx myself )

Tim Terrell

I am a cabinet maker by trade and have owned my own business for 23 years. I have been married for 18 years to my beautiful wife Becky and together we have two wonderful children Cassie age 15 and Titus age 14.  Titus is my dirt bike rider and Cassie is a Daddy’s girl.

I started riding motorcycles when I was seven years old but did not start racing until age 19 and that was on 3 wheelers by age 20 I bought a 86 CR500 to cross train to help build endurance for the atc racing and then by the late 80’s bought a TRX250r and started racing Pro 4 wheelers and purchased a 89 CR250 to again help with my training.

After a while fell in love with the dirt bikes and sold the atv’s and started racing only dirt bikes a 92 CR125 and a 93 CR250 I raced until 1999 , I kind of did it backwards by starting out on a CR500 but the price was right.

After Becky and I had our first child the motorcycle’s took a back seat and I did not start riding again until my son moved up to a KX 65 and then it was time for dad to get another dirt bike. I bought a 2009 YZ250 2-stroke and rode it one time on a track and back came the memories and I just had to start racing again but did not want to take the risk of modern tracks so I started looking for a vintage bike and ended up with my 79 YZ250 and as it happened I ended up coming home with a basket case 79 YZ400 as well which by the way is one of my favorites. Then just this year I bought a 73 CR250M so I could race on Saturday.

Luke Dautel
I’m 31 years old and live about 45 minutes from the Ville. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 18 but never off road. After a riding buddy of mine built a triumph 750 and started racing with our AHRMA Cross Country buddies I would see his go pro videos and it made me want in. I ended up purchasing a 1974 xl350 from a retired AHRMA racer last May. I started practicing at the Ville In preparation of my first race. I’m slow, fat, lazy, and have very little talent on the track. I remember feeling arm pump or in my case full body pump after a couple laps on the Vet Track my first time riding. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into but within a few months AHRMA was having a race at my home track. So I got up early that Saturday and headed to the Ville. I had no clue what to expect. I pulled in by myself and didn’t know any of the other racers. Quickly I was embraced by the other riders. I got lucky and parked next to a great guy and we started a friendship that day. He took me under his wing and started showing me the ropes. It is safe to say that I had the most fun on 2 wheels that day. What a blast. I was hooked. Unfortunately I missed the remainder of the season but this year I have been going to as many of the races as possible. It has been such a great experience and I’m glad I found my way to these vintage bikes and races and people.

Thor Lawson

Age: 58

From: Iceland

Hometown: Ashland VA

My partner in life: Faye

Favorite Food: Seafood and Pizza

Favorite Dog: My Aussie, Bjoern (Icelandic for Bear)

My Heros: Mom & Dad, Mom said ok on the first bike, Dad took me to first race.

First Race: 1973 on a friend’s Honda SL100

District 13 250 Expert from 79 to early 82, career change, had to stop riding.

1998, re-assembled my original 78 CR250R, the only bike I kept when I had to quit.

Been racing AHRMA events since 1999.


Steve Hoover #61s will be racing both Saturday on Vintage (pre-75) and Sunday on Post Vintage MX. Racing in the expert classes Steve is 56 years old and enjoys the camaraderie and sportsmanship that is at the core of vintage racing. Steve races Maicos, Bultaco, and Yamaha’s for the most part. The photo provided was taken at the last AHRMA National held in Missouri a few weeks ago.

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