Wildwood Camping

Field of Dreams Motocross Park – Wildwood Event

1951 W. Buckshutem Road, Millville, NJ  08332  Phone:  856-765-3799

Gates are opened at 7am and closed at 9:00pm


Rules for Wildwood 2018 Race on the Beach

Welcome Riders and their families to the NJ Field of Dreams-Wildwood Race on the Beach.  We want you to have a good time at this event and to leave a great impression of Motocross Racers and their families to the local residents and the City of Wildwood.  To facilitate this, there are a few rules that you must abide by.  Please read these carefully.   We ask for your cooperation in reporting any violations that may result in a poor reflection of our great sport.  Thank you.


All campers must pay all gate fees, racing fees (including transponder rental fees and deposits) and camping fees upon entering.  Everyone will be issued wristbands.  Your wristbands must stay on at all times during your stay in order to leave and enter the event.  All campers must complete a Wildwood camping permit application and will be given a camping sticker with your campsite location on it.  This sticker must be placed on the driver’s side front bumper of your vehicle so that Wildwood officials and Security can easily check it.   Once your camper is parked, you cannot move it until you leave.  You must stay in your designated camping spot and not move to a new location or take up more than one space.  No refunds will be given should you decide to leave early.  If you want to camp with friends, please meet them off-site and arrive together.  Due to the close proximity of campers, ALL motor homes/camping vehicles and pit rigs should have a fully functioning fire extinguisher readily available in the event of an emergency.  Wildwood and the State of New Jersey have strict regulations when it comes to public beaches.  Campfires are not allowed even in containers.  There is NO cooking on outdoor grills of ANY kind allowed on the beach.  Any cooking must be done inside your camper.  A list of all the local restaurants and bars is located with your registration packet.  We encourage you to support the local boardwalk businesses if you choose not to bring your meals with you.


Wildwood Police and Field of Dreams Security personnel will be on patrol 24-hours in the camping and pit-parking areas.  ANYONE who is caught dumping ANY liquids (this includes grey or black water from your camper), oils, bathroom waste or any hazardous material onto the beach will immediately be arrested and the vehicle will be towed and impounded in accordance with Wildwood Regulations and NJ DEP.  Remember we are on public beach property and we need to leave it as we found it.  This includes any trash you may produce.




10 pm quiet time and curfew for young children.  12amYouth minors may be taken into custody and/or escorted to their parents by local police.  Our Racers need their rest and the local residents request your cooperation.


Sanitation/Waste Removal


We have provided trash dumpsters for you to use.  However, any tires, waste oil, coolants or empty fuel containers, household items or furniture CANNOT go into the dumpster and must be taken with you when you leave for disposal elsewhere.  If you are caught disposing of any of those items in the provided dumpster you will be asked to leave the event with NO refund and you will have to pay any applicable fines.

Arrangements have been made for daily clean-out of the portable bathrooms.  Anyone needing to have their motor-home cleaned out can pay $30 directly to the service company representative when he arrives each morning for the daily clean-out.



Race bikes can ONLY be ridden at a walking pace from your pit area to the racetrack and back.  Wildwood STRICTLY forbids any race bikes, pit bikes, side by sides, golf carts or any motorized recreational vehicle to be ridden ANYWHERE on the BEACHES or sand roadways in the camping or event areas.  All NJ racetrack rules and regulations apply here.  No additional people on the race bike at any time and helmets must be worn by the rider at all times when on a moving racing vehicle.  Spectators are not allowed on the racetrack and must stay behind the fence at all times.


Race Registration


All Race and Practice Day participants must enter on Cresse St.  Racers must pay for their gate fees and race class entry fees upon arrival to the beach.  You can take your class tickets and sign up for your classes anytime during the day on Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning.  You MUST have your tickets with you in order to sign-up.  Each rider will be given a sticker to be placed on the front number plate in order to get into your practice session.  You will not be allowed to enter the racetrack without the sticker.




If you decide to bring a pet, you will be required to: 1) pick up its business, 2) keep your pet tied up in your camping area or on a leash at all times, 3) have proper ID and rabies vaccine tags on your pet at all times.  Wildwood has a no dogs policy for the boardwalk and no pets will be allowed in the racetrack or spectating area.  Pets that bark or bite or otherwise are cause for concern will be required to leave the event with their humans.  Wildwood and/or Field of Dreams has sole discretion on whether your pet can stay.




NO Riding any motorized vehicles on the beaches at any time.  Children are the responsibility of their parents and just like the adults are bound by the State of New Jersey and Wildwood rules.  There are NO lifeguards on duty this time of year, so PLEASE use extreme caution when near the water.   We ask that you report any unsafe conditions immediately.  There is absolutely NO use of the track after the racing concludes for the day.  10 pm quiet time and curfew for children.  Our Racers need their rest and the local residents request your cooperation.  Please be considerate of all fellow campers, FOD Security and staff, and the City of Wildwood personnel.  No fireworks, firearms, water balloons, paintball guns, drones or remote-controlled aircraft allowed.  The misuse of water guns or other toy paraphernalia to harass other guests will not be tolerated.


Daily Parking


There is NO spectator parking on the beaches.  A beach pit area parking lot will be available for those riders who will not be camping and will be leaving with their bikes at the end of practice or racing each day.  Wildwood has strict rules that no vehicles can park in that lot without a racing vehicle present.  This means that spectators who may accompany you will be redirected to park their vehicle in a designated spectator parking area.




Wildwood police and Field of Dreams Security will be on patrol at this event 24 hours/day.  Please realize that due to the close proximity of the campers it is wise to lock up your campsite whenever you leave it.  Do not leave minor children alone at the campsite.  We have made every attempt to secure our racing event and although we will be out in-force, we can not guarantee the safety of your personal belongings.  We ask everyone to keep a watchful eye and report any suspicious activity immediately to the patrolling Police officers, FOD Security staff officials or by calling 911.


First-Aid Station


A medic station is located by the spectating bleachers and the Field of Dreams ambulance will be located at the camping area.  Directions to the nearest hospital and prompt-care center are included in your arrival packet.


Please remember that you and your family are guests of the City of Wildwood.  You are representing the AMA and our great sport of Motocross.  Your behavior will reflect on how the public and the City of Wildwood views our sport.  Inappropriate behavior reported by any hotel manager, local business person, campground staff or law enforcement personnel may result in disqualification for racing and you may be asked to leave the event.

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

Camping form-rules Wildwood. Print this form and fill it out with your camping information.


  • Beach Camping Spots:



15 ‘x 20’ for 2 Nights


15′ x 20′ for 3 Nights


15′ x 50′ for 2 Nights


15′ x 50′ for 3 Nights


15′ x 80′ for 2 Nights


15′ x 80′ for 3 Nights


  • Fairfield
  • Army
  • Motooption
  • Crossroad
  • Motocycle Mall
  • AutoMedics
  • Kawaski
  • yamaha
  • suzuki
  • VP Racing
  • mx_track
  • M&T Bank
  • PPB