Wildwood Race on the Beach

Wildwood MX Beach Race hosted by NJMP Field of Dreams

October 11th – 14th, 2018

Wildwood Beach

BEFORE YOU HEAD DOWN, be sure to check out our 10 Quick Reminders of things you NEED to know. 

Campers Coming in (Thursday and Friday Night)

Come down Rio Grande Ave towards the beach. Turn right onto Atlantic Ave. Go 5 blocks and make a left onto Cresse Ave.

Wildwood updates: Final sign ups for Vintage and Quads only from 7:00-8:30AM. Vintage and Quads hot laps practice at 8:30AM, racing to begin immediately after. Moto 1 and 2 for Vintage and Quads will be completed tomorrow, and moto 1 for modern bikes will begin if time allows. Sign ups for modern MX classes will continue after 8:30AM. Moto 1 and 2 for modern bikes will conclude Sunday.

Wildwood MX Beach Race hosted by NJMP Field of Dreams. This is the only MX and ATV Beach Race of it’s kind on the East Coast. Race Classes for Pros, Amateurs, and Kids.  Competitive racers keep in mind this will be AMA District 2, District 6 & District 6 Quad Points race. AMA membership is not necessary to race in this event, but racers who are not current AMA members will not be awarded AMA points for placing in this race.

The rain date for this event is 10/11 – 10/14.

This race will be a District 2 Double Points Race.

The MYLAPS X2 Transponder will be used at the Wildwood MX Beach Race and all race events at NJMP Field of Dreams. All racers are required to use the MYLAPS X2 Transponder at any of our races. Racers can purchase a transponder for their permanent use, or rent one at each race event.  Transponders can be purchased here.

Riders can rent a transponder at this race event if you do not wish to purchase one. To rent a transponder, you must pay a $115 cash deposit. $100 will be refunded when the transponder is returned. ONLY CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED, NO CREDIT CARD DEPOSITS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


All Vintage Riders MUST Pre-Register!

All classes are $50 for pre-registration. If you choose not to pre-register, each class will be $55 if you sign-up at the event. Each Race Class is capped at a 50 rider maximum, so sign up early to secure your spot! Pre-Registration closes 10/5.


You can still sign up for race classes at the Wildwood Beach Race. There will be no refunds after 8/30/2018. There are no credit refunds for any rider after 10/4. The rain date for this event is 10/11 – 10/14.

All waivers and AMA Releases will be signed at the event.

All pre-registration payments will be made online through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pre-register, you can pay on the PayPal website with a debit or credit card.

Wildwood Pre-Registration: Early Race Sign-up!

Gate Fees*

  • Thursday Only: $10
  • Thursday and Friday: $30
  • 4 days – Weekly Pass: $40 (includes Thursday’s $10 Gate Fee)
  • Friday – Sunday: $25
  • Saturday – Sunday: $25
  • 1 Day – Friday or Sunday: $20

* All fees are per person. Children ages 5 and under who are not racing are FREE.

Site Layout

Race Site

Camping Area

Wildwood MX Beach Race Schedule

Race Order

  • Wednesday afternoon – Vendor Set-up only
  • Thursday – Vendor, Rider & Camper check-in. Open Practice*.
  • Friday – 1st Moto Vintage & Quads, 2nd Moto Vintage Bikes.
  • Saturday – 1st Moto Youth & Big Bikes, 2nd Moto Quads
  • Sunday – 2nd Moto Youth & Big Bikes
    • Track will be professionally built by MX Track Builders.
    • Trackside transponder scoring system with Live Feed on website, njmpfod.com and mobile phone
  • * Thursday Practice fee – $40 Thursday practice is an Open Practice session for only Bikes and Quads from 10AM – 5PM. The last few practice sessions on Thursday will be dedicated to the youth riders to accommodate the kids getting out of school.
  • There will be a short practice session each morning before the races, where riders can take a couple of practice laps.


  • Exhibition/Vending Spots (pricing for the whole event, not per day)
    • 15’x 20’ – $300
    • 15’x 35’ – $500
    • 15’x 50’ – $700
  • For more information about Vending at the Wildwood Race or to reserve a spot, contact NJMP Field of Dreams at 856-765-3799 or email at kdodge@njmpfod.com
  • To register as a vendor, visit our Vendor Registration Page


Camping spots on the beach will be available. 15’x20′ Camping sites are for pick up trucks/vans and tent only. 15’x50′ Camping sites are for trucks with a cargo trailer only. 15’x80′ Camping spots are for motorhomes/fifth wheel/camping trailers. NO MORE THAN ONE VEHICLE PER CAMP SITE IS PERMITTED. ALL GUESTS AND SPECTATORS WHO ARE NOT CAMPING PARK ON THE STREET OR PUBLIC PARKING.

Camping Link

Day Parking

For Day Parking at the Wildwood Race, racers cannot bring camping trailers or motorhomes. Trucks, utility trailers, vans and cars with motorcycle racks can only park for the event daily. Any day motorhomes or campers will be charged for the 80′ camping spots.


Wildwood Beach Race Classes



MX Bike Classes

50cc stock 2-stroke (4-6) 25+A Vet Expert
50cc stock 2-stroke (7-8) 25+B Vet Amateur
50cc oil injected/shifter 2 & 4-stroke (4-8) 25+C Vet Novice
50cc open 2-stroke (4-8) 30+A Vet Expert
65 (7-9) 30+B Vet Amateur
65 (10-11) 30+C Vet Novice
85 (9-11) 35+ Vet
85/150 (12-15) 40+A Senior Expert
Jr. Mini (9-13) 40+B Senior Amateur
Supermini (12-15) 40+C Senior Novice
Schoolboy 1 (12-17) 2 stroke only 45+ Senior
Schoolboy 2 (14-17) 50+ Master
Collegeboy (16-24) Women (14+)
250cc A Pro-Expert Girls Jr (9-13)
250cc B Amateur 250cc Beginner (14+ yers old)
250cc C  Novice 450cc Beginner (14+ yrs old)
Open A Pro-Expert
Open B Amateur
Open C Novice

Quad Classes

50cc open 4-8 450cc A Expert
70cc open 6-11 450cc B Amatuer
90cc auto 450cc C Novice
90cc shifter 25+ Vet
Supermini 30+ Vet
School boy 40+ Senior
School girl Women
Collegeboy Farm Quad
Pro Am*
Open B Amatuer
Open C Novice

Buggie, SXS, and Trike Classes

A Expert/B Amatuer SXS 900cc+ Open Trike 12+
C Novice SXS 900cc+ Open Buggie 150cc – 180cc
Open SXS 899cc and below Open Buggie 200cc – 250 cc

Vintage MX Classes

(All Vintage Riders must pre-register)

Vintage 60 to 69 DRUM BRAKES
Vintage 70 to 79 DRUM BRAKES
Vintage 80 to 84 DRUM BRAKES
Vintage 85 to 89 DISC BRAKES
Vintage 90 to 99 DISC BRAKES
Vintage 00 to 09 DISC BRAKES

Wildwood MX Beach Race Sponsorship Opportunities

  • A two story tower provides for event announcements and Sponsor Signage Opportunities.
  • Full Event perimeter fencing for Sponsor Signage Opportunities and On-Track Sponsor Signage Opportunities.
    • For more information on sponsorship opportunities, reach out to NJMP Field of Dreams at 856-765-3799 or email at kdodge@njmpfod.com

Wildwood Race Sponsors

Asbury Park Moto Club

US Amry


Crossroad Powersports