District 2 Info


AMA District 2 will be coming back this year for the New Jersey Motocross Series. These races will primarily be held at NJMP Field of Dreams, and Raceway Park, with one race at Pagoda, and one race at Walden. See below for the schedule. Participates in District 2 Races who are a members of District 2 will compete for points, the winners will be invited to an end of the year award banquet. Note: Racers must be District 2 members and attend at least 50% to win end of the year banquet awards. 


AMA District 2  2021 MX Race Class Information 

To participate in District 2 races and receive points, print and fill out the form below.

Send all checks and membership form to:

District 2 Promoters Group
283 Newtons Corner Road
Howell, NJ 07731


D-2 Supplemental Rules revised 2-18-2020

1. Medical Coverage Statement – D2MX and race tracks promoting D2MX race events do not provide medical insurance. If you do not have medical insurance we do not recommend racing in a motocross race event.

2. AMA Requirements- Racers must have a valid AMA Card to race at any event. AMA cards can be purchased on race day or on-line at: https://americanmotorcyclist.com/join-the-ama/ If you register on-line please bring your receipt or have the receipt on your cellular communication device so membership can be verified. Racers must have a valid District, Competition Partner or approved series card.

3. District 2 (D2MX) Year End Awards- In order  to qualify for year end awards for District 2, racers must have a valid District 2 Competition Partner Card (D2MX). Racers must also attend at a minimum 4 Raceway Park MX event, 3 Field of Dreams MX events and 1 additional MX event at a track of the racers choice to be eligible for year end awards. This is based on a full race series with no rain outs. Based on rain outs or unforeseen cancellations the above minimum requirements may be modified. Notification will be made via the D2MX web site, social media and announced at a future race events in the calendar year where possible or as needed if this decision is made.

4. Points- Racers will obtain 2 sign up points at each race and class as rider is signed up for. Points are awarded for finishes as follows:

1st Place will receive 16 points, 2nd Place 15 points etc., based on the number of entries to 15th place. 15th Place will receive 2 points based on the number of entries up to 42 entries. 16th Place to 42nd place will receive 1 point based on the number of entries, plus 2 sign up points.

Example 1 Class With 5 Entries: The points will be distributed as follows 1st Place 16+2 sign up points=18 points, 2nd Place 15+2=17 points, 3rd Place 14+2+16 points, 4th Place 13+2+15 points and 5th Place 12+2=14 points.

Example 2, 40 Rider Gate: 1st place 16+2 sign up points=18 points, 2nd place 15+2=17 points that will increment down to 15th place, 15th place will receive 2+2 Show Up points=4 Points, 16th through 40th will receive 1 point + 2 Sign Up Points=3 points.

5. Identification- Racers are required to provide proof of age and confirmation of identification, this may be asked for at anytime during the event. Racers under the age of 18 must have a parent present at sign up and ID must be verified. Minors with a Guardian must have a Parent Guardian release form completed and notarized in order to compete at each event, no exceptions.

6. Behavior- Each racer is responsible for their own action plus the actions of their family and pit crew. Any detrimental action, vandalism, foul language to an official, promoter, organizer, sponsoring club, AMA official or district official caused by these individuals puts the racer at risk for disqualification from the moto or entire event and will be escorted off the property if necessary. If any of the above actions occur prior to or immediately after an event disciplinary action may occur by the promoter or the AMA. Based on the severity this may lead to a suspension of competing in AMA competition events.

7. Race Fees – Race fees may be different from track to track. Every facility has a different minimum fee they need to collect to continue operating. Our sport has a business side and if a facility does not collect the minimum amount of money they need to stay in business they will simply be unable to continue to provide a facility to provide motocross practice and race competition.

8. Transponders are used at Field of Dreams, Raceway Park and Pagoda M/C. The transponders are the MyLaps Style, you may use your own, rent one or purchase on at the track. All racers must have a transponder to be scored. Rented transponders MUST be returned at the end of each race event. All tracks do require a deposit for the transponder and charge a minimal rental fee for renting the transponder.

9. Beginner Class – The beginner class is for first time  youth racer only. Racers will only be eligible for the beginner class for one season. Racers may be advanced to the appropriate youth classed based on an evaluation of a D-2 and or race track official at anytime. If a racer wins five beginner class races they will also be advanced to the appropriate class. Beginner class racers are not eligible for year end awards. 

10. AMA Rules- All race rules are based on the current year AMA rule book. You can find and view the AMA rule book at: https://americanmotorcyclist.com/motocross-rules/

11. Race Track- During a race event at no time is a parent, spectator, or mechanic allowed to enter the race track area, only the promoter, promoters staff and the racers participating in the race on the track are allowed on the race track. The fences have been installed for a reason and that is for your safety. In New Jersey this is governed and enforced by the State Police Racing Commission. Pagoda located in PA and Walden MX located in NY, that also participate in the series, also enforce the same rules. Please abide by this very important rule especially for your own safety.

12. Minimum Protection – Racers must have the following as a minimum for protection to practice and race:
• Helmet With A Minimum Certification/Rating of SNELL M2010 or DOT FMVSS218
• Long Sleeve Shirt or Race Jersey, It Is Recommended That The Racers Number Is On The Back Of The Jersey
• Boots Designed For Off Road Riding At Least 8″ High
• Goggles

13. Recommended Protection – Motocross is a dangerous sport, the possibility of an injury is always possible no matter how much protection is available and used by the racer. The following is recommended for protection.
• Gloves
• Tear Offs For Goggles
• Chest Protector
• Neck Brace
• Knee Braces


AMA District 2  2021 MX Race Class Information

The following release must be printed in color. If you cannot print in color, please contact the AMA at (614) 856-1900 and ask for the appropriate AMA riding or racing department. Then, request that original color forms to be sent to you via U.S. mail.Annual minor release form for racers:

Minor Annual Release

This form can be submitted to the AMA to grant a Minor Release Pass for all AMA events.

Submit minor release form to:
Melody Tucker
Racing Administrative Assistant
American Motorcyclist Association
13515 Yarmouth Drive
Pickerington, OH 43147

For questions about the minor release form, call Melody at 614-856-1900 x1287.