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Our Vet Track is full of flo. Just under 1 mile, it was designed for the rider/racer who prefers an intermediate track experience. Vet is open for all bikes, as well as quads.

Future Stars Stacyc Events


The Future Stars Stacyc Series is a grassroots opportunity for kids and their parents to come out with their Stacyc Bikes and experience fist hand the thrill, excitement and camaraderie of Motosports. 

The 2022 Season Series has been add to AMA District 2. Stacyc Riders will have the opportunity to be the best in their Class.  Now our youngest riders can participate at the Year End D2MX Awards Banquet where the Winner of Each Class will be Crowned Champion.

There will be 2 Event Classes; 12" Bikes  and 16" Bikes

To qualify for the Championship the Rider must have a D2 Membership and attend at least 3 Events. Stacyc D2 Memberships will be a reduced price of $15 per rider for the season. All D2 Stacyc Members will be given one free raffle ticket per class entry.  The 12" Riders will have a chance to win a 16" Stacyc Bike. 16" Riders will have a chance to win a PW50!  You can register for your D2 membership via email or in person at F.O.D.


Each Event will be held on the Youth Track and have a 2 Moto format. Gates will open at 9am. Practice will begin at 10am. We will offer Pre-Registration online. In person registration will close at 11am on the day of the event.  All times are subject to change based on weather and extenuating circumstances.

1st Moto Flag Drop: 12pm, 3 Laps

2nd Moto Flag Drop: 2pm, 3 Laps


April 9th: Opening Day

May 28th: Lil Sprockets Rock It

July 30th: Full Throttle Waddle

September 3rd: Rookies Shootout

October 8th: Rising Stars Cup


There will be 5 Events in the Series.  Each Class will earn:

First, Second and Third Place: Plaques

Fourth and Fifth Place: Stacyc Medals

*Participation medals available upon request


Price per Class Entry: $25

Gate Fee for Riders Family Members: $5