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The MYLAPS X2 Transponder will be used at all race events at NJMP Field of Dreams. All racers are required to use the MYLAPS X2 Transponder at any of our races. Racers can purchase a transponder for their permanent use, or rent one at each race event. Transponders can be purchased here.


Field of Dreams is closed to all other activity during a race. This means we will not have any of the tracks or trails available for practice riding on those days. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.
Sanction Event Title Start Date End Date Event Type
AMA District 2 
NJ D2 Championship Series & VMXGP
3-21-2021 3-21-2021 MX
AMA District 2 NJ D2 Championship Series & VMXGP 5-2-2021 5-2-2021 MX
AMA Pro-Am & District 2 & 6 Pro-Am NJ Championship & Henrietta Classic Series & VMXGP 6-6-2021 6-6-2021 MX
AMA District 2 NJ D2 Championship Series & VMXGP 7-18-2021 7-18-2021 MX
AMA District 2 – RAIN DATE NJ D2 East Hare Scramble Series 8-1-2021 8-1-2021 Hare Scramble
AMA District 2 NJ D2 Championship Series & VMXGP 9-19-2021 9-19-2021 MX
Vintage & Veteran 4th Annual Vintage Festival 10-15-2021 10-17-2021 MX
Field of Dreams  8th Annual Thanksgiving Event 11-28-2021 11-21-2021 Hare Scramble


  • M&T Bank
  • VP Racing
  • Fairfield
  • Crossroad