Are the trails for both motorcycles and quads? Yes.
How much trail is in the trail section? Approx 3 ½ miles.
How do I get a membership? You can submit one from our website. Membership Form
To be allowed in the first day, to members only, do you have to have sent in money already or can you just fill out the form online and pay when you arrive? Just get your form to us prior to opening. No money is necessary until you show up to ride.
Does that $20 day pass membership count as an actual membership? Yes, only for one day. It’s meant for those who want to try the tracks before joining.
Can you explain your minor waiver policy?  Due to recent legal interpretations in Track liability with respect to minors and minor waivers, FOD policy on minors is as follows:
All minors must be accompanied by a parent or person showing legal proof of guardianship, and all waivers must be signed by same in order to ride at our facility. Parents may write a letter giving another adult authorization to make medical decisions on behalf of the minor. This letter must be signed, dated and notarized. No exceptions.

Instructions for Temporary Guardianship

  • Print out the for below.
  • Fill it out and print the name of the Guardian (must be 18 years or older). Be sure that the parent signs this form.
  • Take it to a Notary Public for the seal and notary stamp.
  • Bring the notarized waiver and a copy of the parents drivers license who signed the form to the track.



Why do you have a $20 day pass membership if it’s $40 a day to ride as a member? The day pass is an option for those who may want to try the tracks before joining, or who may be from out of state and only around for a day or two, or who may only be there for one event.
Is there a senior (55+) discount? Not at this time.
We will post new questions and answers as needed. You may contact via email at njmpfod@gmail.com. Please note that we cannot be reached through the offices of NJ Motorsports Park.