The MYLAPS X2 Transponder will be used at all race events at NJMP Field of Dreams. All racers are required to use the MYLAPS X2 Transponder at any of our races INCLUDING Hare Scramble and Tri-Cross Races. Racers can purchase a transponder for their permanent use, or rent one at each race event.

Purchasing a MYLAPS X2 Transponder allows racers to keep track of their lap times, scores, and results using the Speedhive app. Speedhive allows racers to;

  • • View live race data
  • • Get quick and easy mobile access to your personal event results
  • • Connect to your personal MYLAPS account
  • • See the history of all your personal event results
  • • Compare your lap times with other racers in one graph
  • • Analyze where you won and lost compared to your opponents

These features are only available to those who purchase the MYLAPS X2 Transponder.


To purchase the MYLAPS X2 Transponder for a year, it is $105. Purchase includes the transponder key and the charging cable. After your first year, you can renew the transponder at Field of Dreams for $60. Online purchases will be picked up and set up on location at NJMP Field of Dreams.

To renew your transponder each year after the first costs $60.

MYLAPS X2 Transponder
includes charging cable 

Riders can rent a transponder at each race event if you do not wish to purchase one. You can rent a transponder for $10. A cash deposit of $100 is required when renting a transponder. The $100 deposit is returned when the transponder is returned. Credit cards cannot be used for the deposit.