Note: Riders must attend at least 50% of Field of Dreams races to be eligible for end of the year banquet awards.

2019 FOD Points

2018 Points revised

2017 FOD Points

2017 Cumulative Points

2016 FOD Points

2016 Cumulative Points*
*These are the running total points so far for 2016.

March 13 AMA D6&D34 Race and FOD Points Race

April 3 AMA D34 Ultimate Series Race

May 8 AMA D34 Pro Am and Points Race

June 19th AMA D6 Henrietta Classic

August 28th AMA D6 & 34 Ultimate Quad Race

September 18th AMA D6 Championship Race

November 26th AMA D6 Series Race

November 27th 3rd Annual Turkey Scramble