Rates and Hours (Subject to COVID19 changes)

Each person who visits our facility must pay a $5 Spectator/Gate Fee. The standard Riding Fee is $55. Because our riders have already paid $5 at the gate for the Spectator/Gate fee, we take that out of your riding fee, charging you only $50.

All Riders at Field of Dreams must be members of our facility. There are two types of memberships for the motocross tracks:

  1. The Day Membership is $20. This is ideal for non-local riders (riders who are just visiting the area for a vacation or a weekend), or for riders who just want to try out the track. You will have to fill out our membership form. This membership fee is not part of your riders fee, it is an additional charge. The day membership will expire at the end of the day.
  2. The 12-Month membership is $65. This is ideal for riders who plan to come out and ride more than once during the year. On the day you sign up for the 12-Month Membership, you will need to pay your Riders Fee as well. After that, each time you come back, you just have to pay the Riders Fee and the Spectator/Gate Fee ($55 in total). You will have to fill out our membership form. The 12-Month Membership will expire exactly one year from the day you sign up for it.
  3. There are several Trails Memberships offered at NJMP Field of Dreams as well. These memberships offer unlimited riding on our trails  during open practices days. Riders who purchase these memberships do not have to pay any additional riding or gate fees when visiting our facility to ride trails. These memberships do not include any riding on the Tracks. These memberships include;
    • ° 3-Month Adult Trails Membership – $165
    • ° 3-Month Youth (Under 18) Trails Membership – $98
    • ° 3-Month Family (Up to 4 people) Trails Membership – $298
    • ° Annual Adult Trails Membership – $495
    • ° Annual Youth (Under 18) Trails Membership – $295
    • ° Annual Family (Up to 4 people) Trails Membership – $895


NOTE: Hours are subject to change – always confirm Park is open prior to visiting.  Check to see if Pre-registration is required.
Wednesday: 12pm-5pm Pre-Registration Required
Friday:  Closed (OPEN ON SPECIAL DAYS)
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pre-Registration may be required.  NOTE: Vet track opens at 11AM on Sundays.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: Closed (OPEN ON SPECIAL DAYS)



      • *    Daily gate pass  for spectators & riders – $5.00
    •       12-Month membership – $65.00
    •       Day membership – $20.00
    • ** Daily tracks pass – $50.00
    • ** Daily trails pass – $50.00
    •       Daily tracks AND trails combo pass – $55.00
    •      6-Pack: Ride 5 times in 1 month and get the 6th ride for free!
    •       NOTES
    • *   Ages 5 and under are free as spectator ONLY.  All riders pay $5 gate pass for at any age.
    • ** All riders must become an Annual or Daily member.


  •      Daily gate pass for spectators and riders – $5

o        Daily  Trails Pass – $55.00

o        Adult 3-month membership – $165.00

o        Adult 12-month membership – $495.00

o        Youth 3-month membership – $98.00

o        Youth 12-month membership – $295.00

o   *** Family 3-month membership – $298.00

o   *** Family 12-month membership – $895.00

o          NOTES

o         All trails members are exempt from paying for the daily gate pass.

o   ***Up to four members. Over four then receives a 50% discount.

Camping Rates

Camping one night – $15
Camping two nights – $25
Camping one night with electrical hook-up – $40
Camping two nights with electrical hook-up – $70
*All trails members are exempt from paying for this pass. Ages 5 and under are free.
**All family members must reside in same household. Up to four members. Over four then receives a 50% discount.