Track Rules

Anyone who enters the Park must sign a release of liability waiver, pay the $5 gate fee and wear the FOD issued wrist band while on the property.   This is a family oriented facility and we ask that you conduct yourselves in a respectful manner.  Violators may be banned from the Park with or without warning.


All riders must be members of Field of Dreams to have access to the Tracks and Trails and must be at least four (4) years of age to ride unless approved by Office Manager.   No reckless riding anywhere at Field of Dreams. No wheelies or other stunts on bikes or ATVs will be tolerated. All Riders are required to wear proper riding gear including boots, gloves, pants, goggles, helmet and chest protector.  Recommended protection includes long sleeve jerseys, knee pads or braces and a neck brace. NJ State Law dictates that there is to be NO RIDING in the pits. All riders MUST obey the flaggers and caution lights on the Tracks. If you see a yellow blinking light OR yellow flag, be cautious, slow down and NO JUMPING in that section. Red blinking lights OR red flags mean exit the track from where you are located immediately. The Red Cross flag indicates medical personnel attending to a rider on the track; use extra caution in that section. Always use common sense and watch out for riders who are less experienced.

Minors Waiver Policy

Due to recent legal interpretations in Track liability with respect to minors and minor waivers, FOD policy on minors is as follows:
  • All minors must be accompanied by a parent or person showing legal proof of guardianship, and all waivers must be signed by same in order to ride at our facility. Parents may write a letter giving another adult authorization to make medical decisions on behalf of the minor. This letter must be signed, dated and notarized. No exceptions.

Instructions for Temporary Guardianship

  • Print out the form below.
  • Fill it out and print the name of the Guardian (must be 18 years or older). Be sure that the parent signs this form.
  • Take it to a Notary Public for the seal and notary stamp.
  • Bring the notarized waiver and a copy of the parents drivers license who signed the form to the track.




NJ State Law prohibits spectators from entering the track while riders are on the track; all spectators must remain behind the chain link fence.  There is a 5mph speed limit throughout the parking areas and all state laws apply about yielding to pedestrians.  Please watch out for the little ones exiting and entering the gates and generally walking around.  We ask that you use the proper trash and recycling barrels.  No draining oils, or machine fluids of any kind on the ground.  Please do not leave used tires on our site.    We ask that you obey all the traffic signs on the property and do not block the Fire/Emergency Vehicle access road. Selling of any goods or services is not allowed without prior approval and certificates of insurance on file with FOD Administration.  Under NO circumstances are minors allowed to be left alone at the Park.  Children 12 and under should be supervised by an adult at all times and are not allowed to play on paved areas or roadways. Children unaccompanied by an adult will be turned over to the Police.
STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY: Spectators on the premises witnessing events assume all risks of injuries or resulting damages.

Pit Vehicle Registration

In order to drive a pit vehicle (golf cart, UTV, etc.) in our pit area and parking area, you must register your vehicle with us. To register a vehicle with us, fill out the form below and bring it to our facility. The Registration Fee is $10. Registration lasts one year. Registered vehicles must have a registration sticker on the vehicle.



All campers must pay upon entering and place the camping placard on the dashboard of your vehicle.  If you arrive after hours, you must pay the Security Personnel.  The gates will be locked at 9pm each night unless you have made arrangements with Security.  There is absolutely NO use of the tracks or trails after the Park closes.  No fires are allowed without a permit from the Fire Dept. of Millville.  State law prohibits the possession or use of fireworks. No dumping of holding tanks on the property. Security will be checking often. If you are caught dumping any liquids or solids you will be asked to leave without any refund.  Generator hours are between 7am and 11pm.  Each morning you will need to pay the gate and practice fees to receive your wrist bands for that day.  Camping is not available on Mondays and Tuesdays when the Park is closed.


All Vendors must have written permission from Field of Dreams to sell or conduct business at the Park and must present that when entering at the gate.  In order to conduct business or sell anything, you will need to provide to Field of Dreams a Certificate of Insurance naming Field of Dreams and provide a copy of your business license for the State of NJ.  If you are a food vendor you will need to provide your Cumberland County Health Certificate as well.  All approved vendors will need to have everyone with you sign a waiver before entering the property each day.  A $100 deposit will be required at time of entry for vendors and all fees associated with your vending will need to be paid at the end of the day prior to leaving the property.Absolutely no vending, solicitation (handing out flyers, etc.) or merchandising of ANY kind will be allowed in the pit areas.

Refund Policy

Please walk or view the Tracks prior to practice. If you feel that you are unable to compete or ride the tracks, immediately report to the Administration Building to request a refund. Once practice has started, there are NO REFUNDS.