What you NEED to Know

Field of Dreams Wildwood Race 2018

10 Quick Reminders


  1. There is NO riding allowed of ANY vehicle on the beaches, camping area or pit areas. Racing vehicle must be ridden at walking pace from the track to pit area.


  1. Campfires and cooking are strictly forbidden on the beaches and all cooking must be done inside the camper.


  1. Absolutely NO dumping of any liquids, solids, waste oils or engine fluids will be tolerated. Your vehicle will be impounded by Wildwood.


  1.  Wildwood is requesting that every racing vehicle have a tarp, carpet, mat or cardboard placed underneath it while parked on the sand in your pit area to avoid beach contamination. 


  1. NJ has a strict 10pm curfew for minors on the Beach.


  1. Pets must have proper id and rabies vaccine tags, be tied up at all times in your camping area and all business must be picked up after.


  1. There are no Lifeguards this time of year, so use extreme caution when near the water. Remember your bug spray and sunscreen.


  1. There is NO private Vending permitted at this event.


  1. State Law prohibits alcohol on public beaches, so please confine your drinking to your campsite area.


  1. Campers are not permitted to come and go in their vehicle, so bring supplies with you. Remember Wildwood closes vehicle access to the Beach at 10pm so plan to arrive prior to that time.
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