Winner’s Plaque Design Contest

Your Chance to Show off Your Designs to the Dirt Bike World

You could be one of the 8 chosen to have your plaque design used for the 2019 season

We know how talented the dirt bike community is, and we want to show that off! Each race, the top finishers are presented an 8.5″ x 11.5″ awards plaque, and we want your design on those plaques! We present on average between 60 and 70 plaques per race.

Great exposure for those just getting started with their graphic design careers, and a perfect chance to show off your work to your friends and fellow riders for the experienced artist.

Submit your plaque designs to and we will choose a new winner every race. Feel free to sign your name on the plaque, and your name will be featured on each plaque and any promotions using the design.

We will announce the winner each race on social media and any promotions using your plaque will be properly credited.

Submission guidelines:

Please include your name (we will use this name on promotions – facebook, website, instagram, etc), birth date, and best contact information (to contact you only) in the email. All plaques must be 8.5″ x 11.5″ and submitted in pdf format. Denote which race that you would like your plaque to be considered for. Only use photos or art work that is yours, not private or protected, any submissions found using protected media will be disqualified. Include the name of the rider (if known) in any photos that show recognizable features. By submitting your design, you agree that you have legal claim to any photos, art work, etc. and agree to proof of same by submission of the design.

Each plaque must include the race name exactly as they are written below, (dates are optional) our FOD logo, proper district/organization logo(s) and each one of our sponsors logos. Feel free to be creative in how to incorporate each of those elements. All logos can be downloaded below. Also, please see information on required ‘place block’ below.

Race 1: AMA District 2 NJ Championship with District 6 Henrietta Classic Series 

March 30/31 Must include FOD, AMA, D2 & D6 logos

Race 2: AMA District 2 NJ Championship Series

May 4/5 Must include FOD, AMA, & D2 logos

Race 3: ACR & AHRMA Vintage Festival

May 24-26  Must include FOD, ACR & AHRMA logos

Race 4: AMA Pro-Am & District 2 NJ Championship with District 6 Henrietta Classic Series

June 15/16  Must include FOD, AMA & D6 logos

Race 5: AMA District 2 NJ Championship Series

June 29/30 Must include FOD, AMA & D2 logos

Race 6: AMA District 2 NJ Championship Series

July 20/21 Must include FOD, AMA & D2 logo

Race 7: Wildwood AMA District 2 NJ Championship Series & District 6 Motrocross at the Shore

September 19-22  Must include FOD, AMA, D2 & D6 logos.  We may also provide a Wildwood Beach Logo – see attached logo

Race 8: 6th Annual Thanksgiving Motocross & Turkey Scramble Race Event

November 29-31  Must include FOD logo

Please note that all races will require all sponsor logos

Place block: Plaques must also include a 2″ x 2″ blank box for the place numbers to be included. Feel free to design the place numbers as well to be submitted separately, but please keep in mind that we may use our already existing place number stickers. Please see below for visual example.


Sponsor logos:

Any questions feel free to email us, and we look forward to seeing your designs.

No monetary value for the plaque design, this is a way
to let riders creativity shine
  • Fairfield
  • Army
  • Crossroad
  • Motocycle Mall
  • suzuki
  • VP Racing
  • M&T Bank
  • East Coast Cycle Center
  • Mt. Holly Motorsports