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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Both Bikes and Quads can enjoy our tracks and trails, however, quads are limited to the Vet Track and Trails ONLY.

Quads are only permitted to ride the Vet Track during all Open Practices.

Both Quads and Bikes are permitted on the Trails anytime!

Approx 3 ½ miles of wooded trails through the South Jersey Pine Barrens

Yes! At Field of Dreams your safety is our priority. We are one of the very few tracks that have 2 EMT's onsite for every Open Practice and Race.

Every Rider must be a member.

Annual Membership - $65.00     

 Day membership - $20.00

Annual Members will recieve a Member ID card for fast checkins. 5% Off Retail items and other Membership Perks throughout the year.

*Memberships do not include Gate Fees, Race Fees and/or Practice Fees.

You can sign up for a membership HERE!


Field of Dreams offers overnight camping.


1 Night No Electric - $15.00

Weekend No Electric - $25.00

1 Night with Electric - $40.00
Weekend with Electric - $70.00

Day/afternoon Electric Hook-up (No Camping) - $20.00

Field of Dreams offers Exclusive Trails Packages.

Trails Packages include Gate Fees and are Unlimited.

Adult 3-month Membership - $165.00

Adult Annual Membership - $495.00

 Youth 3-month Membership - $98.00

Youth Annual Membership - $295.00

Family(4ppl) 3-Month membership - $298.00

Family(4ppl) Annual membership - $895.00

No. NJ State Law Prohibits Big Bikes and Little Bikes on the same Track at the same time. This is for the saftey of your children.

By providing your drivers license at the Admin Building, we will give you a safety vest to wear so that you can walk out with your little rider.

No NJ State Law Prohibits ALL double riding both in the Pitts and on the Tracks.

Open Practice will start with a Big Bikes, Little Bikes & Quads Split. One group will be on National and the other will be on Vet.

We will alternate the Classes on the 2 Tracks. If there are a lot of Big Bikes we will then break the classes down further into A/B, C, Little Bikes & Quads.

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Class A riders make everyone else at the track look like a novice. These riders come in a step or two below the pro ranks, if not pro already, and at this level the rider is passionate and serious about taking their skills to the highest level. Obstacles are no match for the Class A and the way they fly into and out of turns gives those in the lower classes a reason to practice more.

Class B riders look fast, ride fast and can hold their own on a track. The competition at this level is several notches above Class C and these guys have the experience and the gumption to bang bars and launch off a jump. Class B riders look like pros until the Class A riders take the track.

Class C racers typically ride well and know their way around the bike. They are the novice rider and are developing experience or just race as a hobby.

Our youth track is specially designed and reserved for our smallest/newest riders. The age limit on the Youth track is 8 years old.

We allow bike sizes 50cc, Stacyc and if a beginer learning how to use a clutch 65cc (to be approved by the owners).